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Guided By The Moon

ABCC Our World Film Series 2023 laurels test.png

A film co-created by Ali Houraibi and Michael Mitchell during their Junior Year at Lesley University. Guided by the Moon, is a non narrative artistic piece made to highlight the different names of the full moon created by the Algonquin People. Using the moon as a through-line to creative use of transitions to connect the months/seasons.

These names originated within the Algonquin language region (New England to the Great Lakes area) where some of the earliest names were translated. After research and conversations with indigenous identifying persons they wanted to honor the memory of these origins and of the indigenous community while also creating a film accessible as a starting point into this important tradition for people who are unfamiliar.  

Blood Heist

Blood Heist is a Senior Animation Thesis film created at Lesley University. Blood Heist is a film about two vampires getting into slapstick situations. The film is an experiment in comedic timing as well as short form narrative storytelling. Inspired by shorts such as “Big-Top Burger” and an early 2000’s sense of fashion and color palette, Blood Heist seeks to merge the styles of both 2D and 3D animation using tools such as Blender and Grease Pencil.

Work in Profess Set to release publicly at a later date.

Ball Lightning

Letter Asset Frame.png

Ali worked as an animator on Ball Lightning, written and directed by Catriona Baker.

Ball Lightning is the true story of a female refugee’s experience fleeing post-World War II Eastern Germany, and her subsequent immigration to the United States. Her story highlights the capacity to endure unimaginable hardship, and the ability to cultivate empathy, even in the most dire of situations. This film is a story of hope and is a tribute to all global immigrants. It addresses issues surrounding immigration, and the long-term impacts of war, famine, violence, and life amid the 1918 pandemic.

                           Film is in progress

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